The VEA Project Management Solution (BPM) enables you to effectively manage project content and quickly deliver results to your business sponsors.

VEA provides comprehensive BPM Project Accelerators that leverage and enhance your ARIS platform investment. Your organization will see dramatic increases in modeling and analytic effectiveness from implementing the best business process and technology modeling tool in the industry combined with VEA’s ARIS automation tool.

The VEA Solution Accelerator for Project Management enables you to:

  • Provide Qualitative Methodology for Identifying and Comparing Processes across the organization
  • Identify Specific Process Variations (Tasks, Roles, Controls, Systems, Documents) to enable consolidation and compliance
  • Enable Process Governance by Ensuring Process Alignment across Departments, Locations, Regions, Countries
  • Enhance Platform Adoption, Management & Deployment
  •  Facilitate Corporate Process Management Objectives
VEA Project Management Accelerator (BPM) Capabilities:
  • Process Framework Manager 
  • Process Matrices (Multi-Level, Cross Matrix, Matrix Loader)
  • Control Analysis
  • Business Process Documentation
  • Model Presentation Builder/Summary
  • PM Inventory
  • Multi-Model Builder
  • Object Perspective Update
  • Process Coverage Map
  • Process Variation Analysis

Model Building Component

  • PM Inventory Model Builder
  • Function Tree Model Builder
  • Function Allocation Diagram Model Builder
  • Application Function Support Model Builder
Facilitate Better Process Management Projects

VEA will accelerate the execution of your Business Process Projects with our valuable framework which includes the following enhancements:
  • Process Framework Classification and References
  • Standards and Guidelines Document
  • Database Structure, Filters and Templates
  • Pre-selected Model Types, Objects, Connections, Attributes and Symbols
  • PM Reference Semantic Checks

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